21 Jan 2017

Kitchen Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchen Storage Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized When it comes to kitchen storage ideas, the standard kitchen cabinets are not the only option and solution offered. As you go more and more creative, you have so many
20 Jan 2017

Introducing Coziness in a Minimalist Apartment Interior Design

This wonderful Moscow minimalist apartment interior design is a wonderful source of idea and inspiration for you who wish to prove that a modern and minimalist apartment interior is everything but cold and dull. In its bright,
19 Jan 2017

Fun Modern House Design Inside and Out

Modern House: The Cache Creek Residence The Cache Creek Residence is a modern house designed with a cube-like architectural shape featuring mostly black exterior color. On the other hand, the interior is genuinely fun and vibrant, as
19 Jan 2017

The Dune House in Latvia

The Dune House in Latvia Is An Ultra Airy House With Funky Pointy Roof It is not difficult to see what’s so distinct and different with this awesome airy house the “Dune House” in Latvia. Its long shape
18 Jan 2017

Awesome Minimalist Holiday Home on a Slope

The Ark Home: Minimalist Holiday Home The Ark Home is a modern and minimalist holiday home designed to guarantee you nothing but comfort and a unity with the nature surroundings. Featuring a long, cubic architectural shape enhanced
17 Jan 2017

Baby Footprint Stamp As Room Decoration

A Baby Footprint Stamp is a very popular idea among parents to share with everyone their little one’s cute features – teeny tiny toes! Baby Footprint Stamp is also a good tool for making arts and crafts
17 Jan 2017

Modern Interior Design: Embracing Fresh Forest Green Decoration

As we all know, neutrals are always a favorite choice in a modern interior design. They are never boring; rater, neutrals offer you a great flexibility in mixing and matching for a more attractive look, even a
16 Jan 2017

Modern Apartment Interior With Warmth And Airy Space

This beautiful modern apartment interior in Bucharest will be a great reference for you on how to establish a totally comfortable living space. The interior tends to be minimalist with light and airy atmosphere, but there’s also
15 Jan 2017

Embracing Distinct Touches for a Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior

Minimalist Apartment Interior As expected from a minimalist apartment interior, this modern apartment shows you nothing but understated interior and decorating touches that are incorporated without sacrificing the aesthetics. Featuring the use of neutral, monochrome color palette, this
14 Jan 2017

Highly Recommended Classic Cheap Furniture Living Room

After moving into your new place to live, many things come to mind especially the purchase of furniture to be placed in the room. The living room is very visible because of frequent guest brought here as